Cameron’s Garden

The Story of Cameron and Her Family

In January 2009, a member of our MomsBloom family, Lesley Jeruzal and her husband Nathan, had the unthinkable happen. Their joyous pregnancy turned to tragedy when their doctor could not find their baby’s heartbeat at a routine prenatal appointment. Their daughter, Cameron, was stillborn on January 17, 2009. When family and friends started asking what they could do to help, Lesley and Nathan requested donations be made in Cameron’s name to MomsBloom. This was the beginning of Cameron’s Garden.

After discussing the need for more support for families that have lost a baby, the grief support program started taking shape. MomsBloom wants to offer that same tender support we have given to so many families, to those who have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or other perinatal loss.

The Cameron’s Garden Program

The purpose of Cameron’s Garden is to give newly bereaved parents somewhere to turn when so few understand, to offer a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, someone to help these families get started on a journey towards hope and healing.

When a tragic loss happens, it may be difficult to think and make decisions.  It can be hard to reach out and find the support you desperately need. Let us walk with you. You can stay in your own home while support comes to your doorstep by phone or email. Your volunteer will listen to you, connect you to resources, offer options, and attend to your needs, all without any predetermined ideas about how you should be grieving.

Contact MomsBloom at 616-828-1021 or bloom@momsbloom.orgWe look forward to hearing from you!

Cameron’s Garden Training for volunteers:

*Please fill out the secure and confidential Cameron’s Garden Volunteer Form below. Email or call her at: 616-516-9553 for more information or assistance.

Volunteers are trained how to best support families during the grief and healing process. We ask that volunteers have some personal experience with loss.

 Thank you for your interest in helping our MomsBloom families!