Building A Village

“I have a more positive view of the Grand Rapids community and the type of social support available because of MomsBloom.” ~Mary

How do you describe the emotional relief that comes from venting fears and gratefully accepting a bit of help? How do you measure a blossoming mother-child relationship as mom gradually becomes more confident in her abilities and comfortable with the routine? How do you begin to explain the difference in a marriage that a happier mom makes for dad, who has his own stresses and fears? How do you measure the impact that MomsBloom has in preventing the risk of child abuse that is born of frustration or isolation?

The fact is this: all of us are connected. When mom is scared, depressed and frustrated, those feelings have a ripple effect on the rest of the family. But when mom is confident, happy and fulfilled, her attitude pollinates family life with joy and happiness. She blooms, and so does the family around her.

MomsBloom and the Flourishing Families program offers an extensive network of support at no cost to families struggling to meet the demands of life with a newborn. We are that extra pair of hands, the listening ear, and that source of advice that many parents need once a little one comes home. We serve as a bridge that leads individuals out of the despair of isolation by connecting them to the security that can be found with the support of our larger community.