Challenge of Change

“We made a smoother transition into parenthood.” ~Lydia

Life changes the instant a baby is born. Simple, everyday activities that were taken for granted, such as taking a shower, engaging in meaningful conversation, or getting a full night’s sleep, all become secondary to meeting the needs of an infant.

It should not be surprising that 80% of moms (and a good number of dads) experience what is called the “baby blues.” Mood swings and weepiness are fairly normal responses to a lack of sleep, major physical changes, a demanding infant and huge responsibility. Crying, colic, feeding issues, hormone changes, pressure at work, stress at home, financial challenges – mix these ingredients together and you’ll find that the “newborn cocktail” can rapidly drive a normally self-confident person to feel overwhelmed and unfit.

Sometimes the blues resolve themselves. But increasingly, they do not. That’s when symptoms can escalate, leading to depression and even more serious issues affecting the relationships between mom and dad, parents and children, brothers and sisters. The staff and volunteers of MomsBloom seek to give moms the confidence to ask for help when they need it. We provide the emotional support and resources to help “put the brakes” on a downward spiral before situations evolve to a point of crisis.