What You Can Expect

“My husband and I feel less stressed together, since I have an outlet and support in addition to him.” ~Tiana

MomsBloom volunteers are carefully interviewed, background checked and trained. When you call for help we match you with a volunteer best suited to your family needs and circumstances. The volunteer arranges a schedule with mom, and will do whatever is helpful at that particular moment in time. Typical volunteer activities might range from washing dishes to entertaining older siblings to simply watching the baby so mom can have some private time.  Volunteers typically commit to a 6-12 week period with a family. They don’t come with a pre-set list of “solutions”: they simply bring a willing heart and ready hands to do whatever needs doing. Volunteers help reduce some of the pressure on a new mom so that she can adjust to new routines and grow confident in her role as a mother.

MomsBloom staff can also introduce moms to additional resources for expanding their support network. This might be other moms; it might be a mentor; it might be another type of support group. This is especially important for moms who are new to the area, or who are suffering especially painful circumstances such as stillbirth or depression. It can be challenging to fit into a tight-knit community like West Michigan unless you have someone to break the ice for you.  MomsBloom provides ways for moms to create their own networks for personal fulfillment as well as support.

MomsBloom also seeks to educate new mothers by providing timely, fact-based information. We know that new parents are flooded with information on how to raise a baby. Advice may come from well-meaning moms, aunts and sisters who think there’s only one way to take care of a child. Conflicting myths about baby sleeping positions and feeding can add a layer of confusion to the standard concerns related to a newborn. We gently coach moms with the facts, and help them learn how to talk with dads and other family members about their preferences for caring for their child. Through education, new mothers are encouraged to make decisions based on facts and their own instincts. Our goal is to equip a mom to feel confident in how she is caring for her child and reassure her that stress and fear are normal reactions to the changes that come with a newborn…she’s not crazy!