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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~Maya Angelou

The best part of my job is hearing stories from families who have been transformed by MomsBloom. Recently, Markanetta shared her beautiful story (see below) about first struggling as a new mom, then bonding with her MomsBloom volunteer, and ultimately finding her calling in helping other new moms. A simple act of kindness that has made a lasting impact.

I’m proud that MomsBloom resets the expectation meter for motherhood. Our mission is to build strong families – through peer support and advocacy – to successfully navigate the challenges of early motherhood. We reinstate the support network to help parents meet a more realistic set of expectations. The goal is not for mom to be superwoman. The goal is not to be a perfect parent. The goal is to have a healthy, well-adjusted mom who can raise a happy baby into a healthy well-adjusted child, thus helping to build a strong family. ~Sara

Markanetta’s story:

After I had my son in August 2011, I found out about MomsBloom through a postpartum depression and anxiety support group. I was suffering from severe anxiety and often felt overwhelmed. I struggled as a new mom and I found it difficult to take care of myself as I prepared to return to the workforce. The group facilitator told me that MomsBloom had a program where a volunteer would come to my home once a week to provide company and an extra pair of hands to help with my son. I was thrilled to get additional support because I was often lonely at home and knew that having some company would help lift my spirits.

I had a lovely woman visit me on Wednesday evenings. She watched my son so I could clean or rest. She was a former teacher who had recently become a grandmother. We bonded over discussions about our children and her grandson. Each week she brought books, blocks and other toys for my son to play with, and she enjoyed spending time reading to him. She had a special way of getting my son to fall asleep, which gave me a much-needed break. I looked forward to her visits because I knew I’d get a recharge and engage in some self-care to better interact with my son. I didn’t have many visitors, and she made me feel not so alone. She was such a blessing.

It was a very hectic time in my life and unfortunately, I do not remember my MomsBloom volunteer’s name, but I will never forget the impact she had in helping adjust to my new role as a mother. Her kindness and compassion really touched me. The postpartum period is a time of significant physical and emotional changes that is not often talked about in society. Although I have recovered from postpartum anxiety, I will never forget what a difficult time in my life that was and how MomsBloom helped me. I feel called to help other new parents gain the resources and services available to them in the community, particularly low-income and families of color. I am currently in graduate school for social work and hope to one day advocate for families affected by postpartum and anxiety. ~Markanetta

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