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“We are a happier and more relaxed family.” ~Tom

It’s tough to be a parent in today’s culture. Parenting expectations are set higher, while support from extended family and community is on the decline. Rising stress and decreased support create a gaping emotional void leaving new parents feeling isolated, inadequate, and depressed. The struggle to cope becomes part of the symptoms that contribute to rising divorce rates, increased child abuse, and widespread emotional stress. Individuals trying to face parenting alone often meet with failure.

MomsBloom exists to help parents find success by resetting the expectations. We seek to help parents set more realistic parenting standards.  The goal is not for Mom to be Superwoman.  The goal is not to be a perfect parent.  The goal is to have healthy, well-adjusted moms and dads who confidently raise children using their individual skills, as well as the security found through the knowledge and support of the broader community.