Power of the Flower

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For every day in 2016 I will be wearing a flower.

The flower will be my reminder to be better and do better in my daily life and through the work I do with MomsBloom. I promise to fight even harder to reduce the stigmas that exist around mental illness, IMG_3363specifically perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

I have been witness to an incredible outpouring of kindness and support following the death of Sasha*. I realize these intense feelings of unity will diminish as time passes and as we move on with our lives – even though many lives have been forever transformed. In my own small way I want to keep the sense of unity alive and be reminded of the many heroes that give so much daily to make sure women have the support they need.

I’m inviting others to join me, in wearing a flower, for a day, a week, a month, whatever inspires you. My hope is that the flower will continue to link us all and create a field of blooms.

Let me know if you decide to participate by emailing me at bloom@momsbloom.org. I’m developing cards** that can be handed out as people inquire or comment on the flower. To reduce stigmas we need to start with education.

Here’s how you can participate in the Power of the Flower campaign:

~Flowers can be any color, real or fake, big or small. They can be placed on a shirt, a purse, in your hair…wherever! Friends have offered to make or purchase flower pins for those that need them. You can send a request to bloom@momsbloom.org.

~There is no pressure to wear the flower for any particular length of time. It can be for a day, a month, a week – whatever inspires you.

~Take a picture wearing your flower and post it on the MomsBloom Facebook page and include the hashtag: #poweroftheflower or if you post it somewhere else, please include #momsbloom so we can easily find you in a search. Randomly throughout the year, I will select a name from the posts and send that person flowers.

~Feel free to add other organizations related to the #poweroftheflower mission; it’s a great way to connect us all and learn about the many great resources available.

Additional thoughts/ideas to post with your picture:

  • Name your hero. Who has supported you or has been there when you needed someone most? Who inspires you?
  • What are you doing in your daily life to stop stigma or raise awareness of PPD?
  • Is your flower in honor or in memory of someone? Let us know, so I can honor them too.

Let’s BLOOM and smother the stigmas that exist around mental illness!

*Sasha Naomi Hettich (Lewis), aged 27, passed away December 25th, 2015 after having lost her courageous battle with postpartum depression

**The cards are currently being developed. I’m consulting others about the best information to include. With limited space, I want to make sure I have the best possible information to share!