Adina Winczewski

Adina Winczewski has been volunteering for three months with the Flourishing Families and Cameron’s Garden programs. She volunteers with Flourishing Families because volunteering to help mothers who have just brought home a baby is very rewarding. “I was in their shoes not too long ago and I remember how stressful it could get. Walking into someone’s home and seeing the mom with tired eyes or a tense posture is something I can relate to. I want to help that mom get some rest so she can be the best mommy she can be.”

Adina volunteers with Cameron’s Garden because she experienced three miscarriages; two were during her first trimester and one was during the second trimester.  “I remember those sad, confused, and angry feelings.  All I wanted to do was talk to someone who could relate and had gone through a similar situation. I am glad I can now be that person to someone else. I just want to be that non-judging ear they can talk to or that shoulder they can cry on. “

When Adina is not volunteering, she is in full Homemaker mode. She is a Class Parent for her son’s kindergarten class and her daughter’s third grade class. She loves to cook and try new recipes. She also enjoys interior decorating. When the weather is nice, she loves to be outside and work in her flower gardens.

She chooses to donate her time to MomsBloom because; “I know it is making a positive impact in a person’s life. “

Adina recently heard from a woman that she supported in the Cameron’s Garden program that told her, “After we spoke, it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  You have no idea how much you’ve helped me.”

A Flourishing Families mom who had just brought home her second baby said, after Adina explained that she’d be happy to make a meal, or play with her kids while she took a shower or nap, looked at her with a great big smile and said, “Really? All I want is a shower.”  Adina says, “That doesn’t sound like much, but to most moms it’s much more than just a shower.  It’s precious moments for some alone time and recharging.”

To anybody considering volunteering with MomsBloom Adina shared, “I would say first and foremost that you have to love children – happy children and fussy children. Know that just a couple hours of your time per week can make a tired mom less tired, a stressed-out mom less stressed, or a happy mom even happier. It’s so worth it!”