Practical and emotional support for mothers of newborns.

Serving the Grand Rapids, Michigan and surrounding communities.



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MomsBloom knows how exhausted and overwhelmed parents can feel after the birth of a baby. We offer in-home to physical and emotional support to any family with a newborn - free of charge.

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Your financial support allows us to keep our programs free of charge to all new families. Each offer of support goes a long way to expand our program to more new moms.

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MomsBloom volunteers are the heart of our programs. Volunteers offer an extra pair of hands, a listening ear, that source of encouragement that many parents need once a little one comes along. 

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The goal is not to be a perfect parent. The goal is to have healthy, well-adjusted moms and dads who raise their children using their individual skills as well as the knowledge and support of the broader community. Every day MomsBloom is preventing child abuse, postpartum depression, family stress and more. MomsBloom is volunteer-driven, and we rebuild a sense of community by connecting people to each other.