MomsBloom’s Flourishing Families program has provided hands-on, nonjudgmental practical and emotional support to over one thousand women and their families in West Michigan!

This is MomsBloom.

MomsBloom resets the expectations for parents and recognizes that the goal is not for Mom to be Superwoman. The goal is not to be a perfect
parent. The goal is to have healthy, well-adjusted moms and dads who raise their children using their individual skills as well as the
knowledge and support of the broader community. Every day MomsBloom is preventing child abuse, postpartum depression, family stress and more.
MomsBloom is volunteer-driven, and we rebuild a sense of community by connecting people to each other. Learn More.

Volunteer Spotlight

Adina Winczewski

Adina Winczewski has been volunteering for three months with the Flourishing Families and Cameron’s Garden programs. She volunteers with Flourishing Families because volunteering to help mothers who have just brought home a baby is very rewarding. “I was in their shoes not too long ago and I remember how stressful it could get. Walking into […]
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Our own Angie Walters, Program Director, recently did a PSA through the fantastic Grand Rapids Community Media Center. Check out her message and learn how you can be a member of the MomSquad!