Our Team

MomsBloom is powered by team of passionate and dedicated volunteers.

Susan Mcfarland
Home visit liason

Katy DiMeglio
Intake Coordinator

Kelly Moore
Match Manager

Stefani Boutelier
Volunteer Coordinator

Ruth Beaver
Volunteer Coordinator

Carrie Stephens
Phone Line Manager

Jenn Palm
Social Media Manager

Jenn joined MomsBloom as a volunteer in 2012, when her son was only one year old. She had experienced great support when her son was born and wanted to “pay it forward.” Volunteering with Flourishing Families with a young child was a difficult balance, so she looked for other ways to support MomsBloom. Jenn graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations, and is now completing the graduate program in Communications. Her graduate research interests include narratives/storytelling as a means of healing, women’s issues in the media, and social media’s impact on social justice issues. She uses her knowledge of social media, digital marketing, and technical writing to help forward the MomsBloom mission.

Terree Brncick
Lakeshore liaison

Terree lives in Holland and began volunteering with MomsBloom three years ago when she first heard about the program.  Remembering how challenging that time was when her daughter was born, the idea of helping other moms through those first few months resonated with her.  She loves the variety of experiences volunteering brings, whether cuddling a newborn, folding a load of laundry or lending a listening ear.  She’s also honored to know that she’s touched the lives of families living in her own community.  Terree is a registered nurse with experience in many settings including intensive care, pre- and postoperative care and connecting postpartum moms to services in the area.  She enjoys Pilates, walking her dog, doing projects around the house and spending time with her husband and 13 yr old daughter.