Self-Care Prescription Campaign launching September 2014!

“Self-care is not about self-indulgence, it’s about self-preservation.” ~ Audrey Lorde

A woman is at the highest risk in her lifetime of developing a new mental illness in the first year after having a baby. At least 15-20 percent of new mothers experience significant postpartum mood disorders and many more report difficulties in coping and adjusting. Yet as a society, very little emphasis is placed on how critical a mother’s mental health is in her capacity to promote healthy practices emotionally and physically for her child(ren). Good mental health creates stability of self and emotional regulation for young children, and supports strong parent-child attachment critical to behavioral regulation, self-worth, and resiliency in developing children.

MomsBloom, whose mission is to build strong families – through peer support and advocacy – to successfully navigate the challenge of early motherhood, is launching a Self-Care Prescription Campaign in September 2014 in partnership with Grand Rapids Women’s Health (GRWH) in hopes that other practices locally will follow.

The intention is for health care providers to tune into the mental and emotional well-being of moms by promoting awareness and writing a prescription for self-care activities. This provides something tangible that the mom can take home to increase the chances for follow through and support. At the time of the visit a self-care checklist will also be provided which will serve as an introduction to the general concept of self-care – Awareness can be a first step in helping women assess themselves and the areas they most need help.

Each provider at GRWH working with mothers will be provided a specially designed prescription pad that will include a checklist of self-care ideas and activities. Other practices interested in participating can contact or call MomsBloom at 616-828-1021.

The importance of mothers taking care of themselves cannot be overestimated. If a woman is not well – in her mind and body – she is more prone to physical illness and mental health issues, and she is also less likely to be able to provide the best care for her child(ren).

“I have a more positive view of the Grand Rapids community and the type of support available because of MomsBloom.”  ~ Mother of two.


An exciting new opportunity from MomsBloom and BRAINS: